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Axis Connect US

Supply Chain Management

  • Transportation

  • Freight forwarding:

  • Inventory and distribution

  • Customs

  • Warehousing

Processes Management & Automation

  • Procurement management

  • Project management operations optimization

Axis Connect US
Axis Connect US

Mexico Soft Landing

  • Manufacturing program shelter

  • Temporary imports program management

  • House a process or an entire operation and manage it following your directives

  • SOP quicker and be present in a great region! Save costs and get started

  • Obtain regional content for NAFTA companies

  • Manufacturing and services IMMEX ready for VAT and duties concessions

  • Outsourcing

  • Kitting, manpower, assembly, sorting, rework, quality inspections, repacking, manufacturing

International Trade Advisory

Axis Connect US

It Is Not What Services Cost but Rather, How to Manage the Cost