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AXIS Connect US provides a valuable partnership to the business community in managing supply chain logistics by providing differentiating service performance, quality, and customized solutions. Our team has more than 25 years of experience in providing consultation, marketing, distribution, manufacturing, warehousing, customs clearance assistance, and logistics engineering solutions throughout the world.

Involvement in new markets, regions, or countries provides an excellent opportunity for some companies for lowering operational costs or extending profits - however it can be difficult and risky due to the lack of logistics/manufacturing/distribution/infrastructure in these markets, government regulations, and commercial and labor culture differences. Using innovative strategies and experience, AXIS effectively and proactively can increase the overall delivery performance, becoming a valued partner in your supply chain management and production management.

Axis Connect US
Axis Connect US


  • Automation & simplification, applying materials management engineering

  • Integral vision of supply chain management

  • Logistics engineering and operational improvement

  • Personalized support and consulting

  • A ‘Fresh Set of Eyes’ – providing profit improvement and greater efficiency

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